H. "Undying Song" Gladden (silverfoxxis) wrote,
H. "Undying Song" Gladden

Okay, NOW it is time to open commissions! But, I am going to be weird and start off with icons. If I get anyone wanting to purchase any, I'll finish those first, then gradually work my way up to the bigger, more involved commissions.

SO what's going on for the moment is that I am offering both digital and traditionally-done icons (done using primarily watercolors). The digital icons are $10 each, the traditional icons are $15 each. You'll get larger sizes of both, including the final 100x100 pixel size.

Follow this link for 100x100 icon examples from me: http://silverfoxxis.livejournal.com/36679.html
All are there! I work hard on the icons I make for folk, I hope it shows. >.>

And, yeah, the paypal AND e-mail address is undyingwavesong@gmail.com .. if you want to get an icon but would prefer to use an alternative payment method, just shoot me an e-mail to that same address and we'll work something out. : D Woo!


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