July 17th, 2007


This is Important

I - ..Woah.

I'm going to be teaching an art class. Middle and high-school students.

This is huge. I am more than excited. Not a single or group of internet emoticons could properly convey my absolute joy and glee.

Friends, if you were (and I also know that some of you are, already...) in a high-school art class, how would you want it to be handled? I will number my questions, just because! I am curious.

#1 What sort of environment would you long for in an art class?

#2 How would you want the teacher to act, or not act?

#3 What subject matter would you like to draw most?

#4 What is the most boring subject matter for you, personally?

#5 Regarding number four. . . do you think there might be a way to make this boring subject matter more interesting for you to render? If so, could you try to describe how?

Yeah, five is enough for now. Feel free to add anything else you might be able to think of, guys. Feedback is good!

I wonder if they'd let me bring in live animals for the students to draw.

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