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I'm sorry. . .

It is so difficult for me to keep up with everyone. I've been getting folk mixed up with other people, getting events in others' lives confused with someone else's.. (with more than one person, btw)

Not that I haven't been failing at this for a really long time, anyway. It is much easier for me to keep track of folk when I talk to them one-on-one, say, over AIM or something. A LJ friends list feels too impersonal.

I have not been able to keep up, and have been unable to keep up for quite a while now. I am just not good at this at all, even though everyone else seems to be able to keep up with it just fine. x_x

Those who really wanted to, have already added my other journal. Even so, nothing beats a good IM conversation, I think. :0

I am planning to go to a number of conventions in the future. I desperately wish to meet people! c:

As far as art is concerned, I will probably start posting my work on the undyingwavesong journal, instead.

But, really, I might change my mind tomorrow. I don't know.


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Okay, NOW it is time to open commissions! But, I am going to be weird and start off with icons. If I get anyone wanting to purchase any, I'll finish those first, then gradually work my way up to the bigger, more involved commissions.

SO what's going on for the moment is that I am offering both digital and traditionally-done icons (done using primarily watercolors). The digital icons are $10 each, the traditional icons are $15 each. You'll get larger sizes of both, including the final 100x100 pixel size.

Follow this link for 100x100 icon examples from me: http://silverfoxxis.livejournal.com/36679.html
All are there! I work hard on the icons I make for folk, I hope it shows. >.>

And, yeah, the paypal AND e-mail address is undyingwavesong@gmail.com .. if you want to get an icon but would prefer to use an alternative payment method, just shoot me an e-mail to that same address and we'll work something out. : D Woo!


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It is time to show artwork that was probably much more enjoyable to make, than to view! Ah, well, you decide. There's a slight bit of nudity, but really, the overall weirdness of my work greatly overshadows any bare breasts and such, you know?

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Okay! This is a quickie-post to say that I intend to go and further reply to the art teaching entry, and I am also in the process of putting together an art post.

Hopefully I can get that done before I have to jet again!

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This is Important

I - ..Woah.

I'm going to be teaching an art class. Middle and high-school students.

This is huge. I am more than excited. Not a single or group of internet emoticons could properly convey my absolute joy and glee.

Friends, if you were (and I also know that some of you are, already...) in a high-school art class, how would you want it to be handled? I will number my questions, just because! I am curious.

#1 What sort of environment would you long for in an art class?

#2 How would you want the teacher to act, or not act?

#3 What subject matter would you like to draw most?

#4 What is the most boring subject matter for you, personally?

#5 Regarding number four. . . do you think there might be a way to make this boring subject matter more interesting for you to render? If so, could you try to describe how?

Yeah, five is enough for now. Feel free to add anything else you might be able to think of, guys. Feedback is good!

I wonder if they'd let me bring in live animals for the students to draw.

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Have any of you guys sent off those sketchbooks yet? Just checking.

Also: Does anyone else want to partake of the idea? ;0;

Lots of fun, fun arts to come(fun for ME, at least..). ALL traditional / 'real' media this time, although my next art update will have uh, *counts*, three digital pieces within.

There's much more 'babysitting' going on here than there was in Illinois. I have lots of fun with it, too, but it just means a little less free time. XD; Ah, anyway!

*flicks paint at all of you*

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I know some of you like to meet new people, so I present to you the wonderful lantairvlea.

Cori has been my friend for years, and we used to spend HOURS upon hours developing story and character ideas together, without a break. It was pretty intense, and she was always very patient and kind with my annoying self. C:

I urge those who want to meet new folk to go friend her, get to know her, and COMMISSION her because she is very much open for commissions right now. :D

ALSO, finishing my last bit of packing and flying out tomorrow morning for Florida. I am doing this! There will be immediate internet access available, but I am uncertain as to whether or not I will have time to take advantage of that opportunity for a few days. As far as I know, the room I will be staying in is full of stuff that I'm going to clear out, if not get rid of entirely. (Most likely the latter ..)

It will become an art studio.


Art Pals

So, I'm trying to get myself to stop thinking, to just sleep, you know? Obviously, it isn't working. Yes, I realize very few of you are awake right now.

I couldn't help it, though, because I was suddenly stricken with this marvelous idea.

I was browsing through artworks online, and noticed that in one of the descriptions, the artist mentioned that they had the sketchbook of another artist-friend, and that they were drawing in it. Well damn, that sounds interesting. What if they sent the sketchbook back and forth at their leisure via mail, adding more and more to it over time and- Wait.

Guys, send me your sketchbooks. Go out and buy one, or find one laying around (even one you've already started something in, if you wish) that you could bare to part with. I can say this right now, it would be best if it were a sketchbook of the sturdier variety. I wouldn't want the pages to go tearing themselves out all over the place. :C
I'll draw in the sketchbook, send it back to you, you draw, send it back to me. . . etc. A pen pal-ish deal, except with arts. Good, fun times. I am excited.

I'm looking especially hard at astrae, licecrabbical and slightirregular, and will continue to stare at them creepily until they send me something to scribble in, although I am absolutely open to doing this with anyone else who'd be interested.


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